Engineering projects for rural areas

Michigan State University's College of Engineering is offering courses to aid students' development into global citizens, and to assist them in experiencing first hand how they can impact the world. Brian S. In these classes, students designed a humanitarian project that improves the quality of life for those living in developing countries and rural areas.

Students develop unique projects to help rural folks

Students use their engineering experiences and creativity to help solve problems that many people face daily. The following projects aim to make daily tasks such as processing food, retrieving water, caring and storing crops, and simplifying other manual tasks to make them more efficient.

This competitive grant has been established by an anonymous group of donors, and the winning team will diffuse their human - powered pigeon pea thresher in the small-holder farming communities of Guatemala.

Bean Seed Dryer. Advisors: Dr. Giles Brereton Dr. Luis Flores Dr. The Bean Seed dryer utilizes sunlight to heat air trapped in the duct work which is then forced into the drying hut by a large fan. Bean Thresher. Thompson Dr.

Fernando Aldana Julio Cesar.

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The Bean Thresher is a device used to remove the beans from their hull after harvest. The Cassava Grinder uses an air drying bin to store and dry the cassava which can then be ground up by rotating the perforated barrel.

The ground cassava can then be used as flour. The design of a pressure cooker is utilized to adapt any pot or pan into an efficient method of cooking, particularly appealing to beans which take an extremely long time to cook with conventional methods and can be toxic if under cooked.

A clean stove is exactly as it sounds, a device that burns fuel so efficiently that emissions and smoke are minimized. This is achieved by gassification of the fuel which it is this gas that is burned instead of the fuel itself. Team: Jared St.

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Advisors: Simon Wachieni Dr. The Maize Flour Grinder can process maize into a usable flour consistency for cooking. The mango dryer utilizes the natural energy of the sunlight in tropical climates to dry Mangos and other fruit so that it may be stored for extended periods of time.

The portable pump was designed as an efficient way of moving water in any area needed. The Rope Pump is a device made of scavenged materials to pump water from some distance, usually from a hand-dug well. John Barrie Dr. The Treadle Pump is primarily used to irrigate fields and move water horizontally via a treadle oscillation movement and two piston cylinders with rubber seals.The Social Research Center. The American University in Cairo. Other Links. Developing the activities of rural women through training agriculture guides in the village.

Developing the nutritional pattern for women of the village by using a new technology for food production. Economic role of rural women in agriculture. Employment of women and children in rural areas.

Empowering Women in Egypt. Multiple credit and nutrition improvement project. Production activities of women benefiting from New Lands projects. Raising the efficiency of women in food production.

Rural cottage industry development. Rural women's development projects. Rural women's integrated development in Upper Egypt. Projects Detailed Description. Implementing Agency. Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation. Title of Project.

engineering projects for rural areas

Objectives of Project. Determining the training needs of agriculture guides in eight governorates Training the guides in the fields of technology of milk products production, silk worm breeding and methods of fighting rats Providing the guides with rations and benefiting from all agriculture remainders.

Type of Project. Research and action oriented. The past activities of the project included data collection and analysis, health education, training and technology transfer. Target Beneficiaries. Agriculture guides women and rural families. Area of Implementation. Region: Rural.Order Now. News City News Students develop unique projects to help rural folks.

This story is from June 13, The projects have been developed by students of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The aim of the project was to provide a smart street lighting system for an entire village powered from solar energy. The project detects the direction of movement of the pedestrians and helps them by illuminating the path of movement.

By integrating all street lights with this system it is possible to help people reach their destination in remote rural areas facing serious and regular electric power supply disruptions, say the students. The same system can also be used for household lighting as it works on the principle of sensing the thermal signature of human body to switch the light on or off, thereby making efficient use of electric power.

It is based on precision agriculture and applies automation into agriculture. In the system developed under the guidance of Prof Srividya G, sensors are deployed in the field to sense physical factors such as soil moisture, temperature, water level and humidity. The students said the sensed data from various parts of crop field area is transmitted to a management system server through GPRS and then agriculture management system takes appropriate measures according to the values received.

engineering projects for rural areas

The data received is stored in the database and user can monitor the changes occurring in the field miles away. This system is designed such that automatic irrigation and fertilizer injection takes place when the values of soil moisture and its contents fall below the threshold values and the valves are turned off automatically once threshold is attained. Automated pumping of water into the tank takes place from the source when water level drops and pump gets turned off when tank gets full.

Navbharat Times. Featured Today in Travel.The development story of rural and under-served areas of our society is slowly shifting from a focus on agriculture and employability to generating better markets and frugal innovations.

Earlier, when you heard the word rural - it only meant large acres of farms and not well to do people. Now with rising competitions, companies and specially the MNCs see a potential market in these rural areas. As an Engineer, you know, or at least have the skill set to know, what changes you can make to a certain product to make it more suitable for a 'particular section'. As a MBA you know how and in what way to approach that 'particular section'. So apparently, you have the product, a large market and close to zero competition.

The Game Is On. The possibilities are endless in the domain of Rural Development and so are the opportunities with this entire culture of Corporate Social Responsibility coming in. Plus it also has immense emotional value attached to it. Sign In. What role can an engineer play in the field of rural development, and why should an engineer opt for an MBA in rural development?

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We worked hard so you can work less.Rural areas are essential to the effective functioning of our societies and environment. They provide food, water and clean air. We use them for recreation, for protection from flooding and to harness renewable energy. By managing their plentiful resources, supporting rural communities and preserving natural ecologies we can enhance the quality of all our lives.

Royal HaskoningDHV has an impressive portfolio of successful rural projects across the globe, as well as throughout Indonesia. Our multidisciplinary team of environmental and engineering experts understand the complex interactions between rural areas and surrounding urban environments, and deliver practical, creative, and sustainable solutions.

We take a holistic view of rural areas and aim to provide balance, enabling development to proceed while preserving our natural heritage and eco-systems. We design coastal and river flood defences that are sustainable as well as practical, such as Indonesia's National Capital Integrated Coastal Development project.

As well as providing vital long-term flood protection to the city of Jakarta, the development plans will also benefit the surrounding environment. We deliver solutions for rural facilities and infrastructure that enhance the lives of local communities.

Around half of Indonesia's population lives in rural areas, and millions of people lack access to clean water, electricity and sanitation. Population increases are leading to rapid urbanisation, bringing rising demands for clean water, and deterioration of rural environments which increases the risk of flooding.

These challenges require an integrated approach, and we combine global experience with outstanding local knowledge and leading technology. We work with the Indonesian government, local government organisations, the private sector and aid agencies to deliver solutions that benefit communities and surrounding populations as well as the environment. Our cookies policy We are committed to providing you with as complete and transparent details as possible regarding the cookies that we use on royalhaskoningdhv.

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Rural Areas

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These cookies do not store any personal data such as your IP address, name or other information. The information from the cookie can then be used to display ads plus product and other content from Royal HaskoningDHV on other websites which contains information that you have viewed.

Google AdWords: Cookies that collect information on how a visitor uses our website. This information is used to display ads on third-party sites Google that are most relevant to a specific user based on their recent searches.Federal government websites always use a. Providing quality water service and safe, efficient waste disposal for rural areas requires thoughtful application of technology. Rural Development RD draws upon engineering resources in two ways to enhance the delivery of the Water and Environmental Programs.

First, RD has staff engineers in State Offices that interface with applicants, their consulting engineers, and other agencies. In the interest of developing the best possible projects, RD staff engineers are responsible for reviewing project documents and concurring in the technical aspects of Water and Waste Disposal projects funded under Rural Utilities Service RUSan agency of Rural Development.

Second, RD maintains a working partnership with the consulting engineers.

engineering projects for rural areas

Consulting engineers often make first contact with applicants and provide basic information about RD programs. This partnership has resulted in thousands of successful water and waste projects. The purpose of our web pages is to provide current, useful engineering information to applicants, consulting engineers, and RD staff.

For questions regarding engineering policy at the national level, please contact Nicole SchindlerSenior Engineer, For questions about specific projects or applications please contact your Rural Development State Office.

REU: Sustainability of Horizontal Civil Networks in Rural Areas

Menu Rural Development U. Department of Agriculture. Water and Environmental Programs Engineering Providing quality water service and safe, efficient waste disposal for rural areas requires thoughtful application of technology.Sign In.

Update Cancel. With no prior experience, Kyle Dennis decided to invest in stocks. He owes his success to 1 strategy. Read More. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Most of our farms are small lots which are not suitable for mechanised farming, at least by tractors and similar heavy equipment.

How can farming be optimised in such lots? What crops will grow best and how should they be reared? What are some most creative ideas that work in science and engineering in the sense that it blew the mind of experts at its time? What are some of the best projects to do by university students in a rural area farming community which are practically useful for their fut What could be some brilliant ideas of a startup in rural areas?

Originally Answered: What are some creative ideas relevant in rural India which can be implemented by computer engineers? Well the penetration of internet isn't that much in rural India.

So I guess the best would be to teach them the importance of internet and how to effectively use it! For eg. Even my parents are not that good with it.

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That means there is a still lot of potential here. And I have seen it with a lot of old age people.

Yakawewa Rural Community Development Project

How can you maximize productivity when working from home? Answered Mar 31, Do: Make a schedule and stick to it Continue Reading. Answered Jul 26, Life straw is a water filter which has huge applications in rural areas. You can improve the efficiency. Or take a totally different approach.

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Thanks for the A2A.

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